Talent Assessment-a closer look
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“Nothing is as powerful as an insight into human nature, what compulsions drive a man, what instincts dominate his actions” William Bernbach (1911 – 1982) Doyen of modern advertising who invented creative team structures still commonly used throughout the industry

Our clients use our professional psychometric assessment services to benefit as follows;
1. Improve the quality of employee selection decisions
  • Research by the Aberdeen Group finds that effective use of selected psychometric assessments lead to
    • 15% better first year retention
    • 18% greater new-hire performance
    • 33% greater improvement in hiring manager satisfaction
2. Identify high potential human capital
The principle of “use them or lose them” also applies to talented people. If their employer does not look after them, they will look after themselves by moving on to where they get the development opportunities that they deserve.
3. Identify individual development needs 
Assess your people against your organisation’s specific competency requirements or use our generic competency model to get a scientific and objective view of strengths and development needs. Start closing the gaps by focused development interventions aimed at each individual’s confirmed needs.
4. Decide who to retain in case of retrenchments
Our scientific and objective assessments meet all the legal requirements for reliable and valid assessments of competence
As registered Industrial Psychologists we comply with legislation and the ethical standards set by the Professional Board for Psychology. We carefully select accredited tests and other instruments from a variety of suppliers to assess those constructs that best predict competent performance in the work place;
  • Cognition
    • To process information as expected by the role and solve problems at the required level of complexity
  • Mental ability
    • To interpret numeric, verbal or other types of information at the required level of speed and accuracy
  • Personality
    • To determine to what extent the person’s natural behavior fits the requirements of the role 
  • Values
    • To assess how personal values match job requirements
  • Motivation
    • To assess the person’s natural motivation for doing what is expected for success in the role
  • I am impressed with the quality of information provided in the feedback after my assessment; Former President of the SA Actuarial Association
  • The service that we received from PRO TALENT was excellent and their in-depth and comprehensive reports greatly assisted the Board of Trustees in its decision making-process ; Chairperson; Large Public Compay
  • Thank you for the feedback, – I really felt it added great value and gave me good insight into my strengths and development areas.Actuary; Head of Investment Product Development
  • Thank you very much for the feedback this morning, it was of a high standard, clearly differentiating between candidates and well integrated. It seemed to have made a positive impression on the panel.; HR Assessment; Large Public Company
  • The participants can not be the same after this honest feedback, which was well received and constructive. They speak positively about the assessment. Assessment descriptions are accurate. They are all positive after they accepted the feedback; also their development areas ; Provincial Manager Eastern Cape
  • Your assessment feedback is accurate; you are good in your profession ; National Sales Manager