1. Assessments  
As Industrial Psychologists we make use of a wide range of psychometric instruments, business simulations and other appropriate techniques to assess the competency and potential of people at all levels and for many different positions. Our assessment batteries provide comprehensive and in-depth insight into the abilities, personality, values and motives of candidates. 
Our assessment results are to the point and specific, thereby helping our clients to make informed decisions about appointments, promotions and succession plans.
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Previous successes
  • We regularly assess candidates for a variety of positions at all levels in both large and small organisations
  • We regularly facilitate leadership development assessment centers at all levels in Africa’s largest and most diversified provider of financial services
  • With our career assessments we assist individuals with career planning
  • We have done an independent audit of all assessment processes in one of South Africa’s most prominent insurance companies
  • We have developed a low cost assessment battery for the evaluation of a large number of employees. This is useful for the selection of Call Center Agents and the identification of potential for learnership positions
  • We have successfully assessed candidates for the position of Principal Officer in one of South Africa’s largest Umbrella Retirement Funds 
See our work in action: Organisation change intervention
2. Change Management
As organisations transform themselves, we manage change initiatives on behalf of Management to ensure smooth transition and maximum benefit from each change initiative.
Previous successes
  • Our experience includes the implementation of a Management Board involving all Retail Product Providers, Distribution Channels and Service Centers of a large diversified Group to govern new customer management strategies across the Group.
  • We have been responsible for communication in the implementation of a new short term and long term incentive scheme.
  • As members of a multi-disciplinary consulting team we have played a critical role in the re-alignment and transformation of a Department in the Government of the Western Cape.
3. Mentoring and Coaching
Pro Talent has developed the Rolls Royce of mentoring processes. For more information: Click here to open Mentoring and Coaching page
When asked to coach others we follow a competency based approach. We thereby help individuals to become more effective in their roles. Self mastery is one of the critical competencies for success in today’s stressful world of work and therefore we also offer life skills coaching.
Previous successes
  • The management team of a national distribution business in  the automotive industry has benefited from a range of multi-dimensional self improvement interventions
  • We have offered behavioral coaching services to Managers of popular shopping centers and other client interfacing staff in a well known property management company
4. Competency Requirements
We apply a scientific approach to determine competency requirements for success in the given role. This is an important step to ensure that our clients have the right people in the right positions. It is also the first step in recruitment, selection and succession planning.
Previous successes
We use the contextualized competency mapping technique to define in detail what the critical success criteria and risks are for somebody in the role. This process describes the ideal candidate in terms of:
  • World view
  • Cognitive functioning
  • Intra-psychic functioning
  • Inter-personal functioning
  • Functional approach to work
  • Knowledge and skills
  • Inhibiting factors (potential risks)
5. Customer Surveys
A proper understanding of customer expectations and their perceptions of products and services offered is a prerequisite for organisation development. Whether you are servicing an external client or an internal client in the value chain, you need honest feedback and it is therefore often advisable to gather that feedback through an independent survey. We survey retail customer perceptions as well as business to business client relationships.
See our work in action: Customer perception survey
Previous successes
  • Every year we conduct face to face interviews with institutional client decision makers for a large provider of corporate financial services as part of their annual strategic planning process. This client is an industry winner in the annual ASK AFRIKA Orange Index which measures service levels in organisations. In a press release the Managing Director said the following about the work we do for them: “Ons doen ook gereeld opnames onder ons kliente om te bepaal hoe hulle ons diens ervaar. Kliente-tevredenheid word elke jaar gemeet deur onafhanklike opnames onder ons kliente. Die opnames is deel van ons sakeplan“.opnames onder ons kliente. Die opnames is deel van ons sakeplan“.
  • We have worked closely with leading market research companies to gain a better understanding of the South African retail market for financial services
  • We have done telephonic surveys of internal client perceptions for the Paint Division in a well known international company in the chemical industry which helped them to review strategic priorities
6. Employee Surveys
Employee perceptions influence the internal culture and climate of an organisation. The Management of big and small businesses should have a good understanding of the issues that influence their work force negatively or positively. Once Management understands the key drivers for employee satisfaction or de-motivation, they can make informed decisions about organisational change initiatives.
See our services in action: Employee perception survey
Previous successes
  • We have conducted a comprehensive culture and climate survey involving more than 90% of the total work force for a large Department in the Western Cape Government. Results have influenced the strategic re-alignment process.
  • We often use the Work Unit Performance Index and other measurements to gauge perceptions of staff members as part of work unit improvement or other organisation development interventions.
7. Job Design and Evaluation
We facilitate the development, grading and evaluation of jobs.
See the instruments in action: Job evaluation
Previous successes
  • With the re-alignment and transformation strategy of a large Government Department, we have re-written the top 30 job descriptions in the Department.
  • Through role-sizing workshops we have facilitated the re-evaluation of more than 150 jobs in several divisions of a London based Financial Services Group as part of a large job evaluation change process.
8. Leadership Development
Leadership development is our flagship. Since the early 80’s we have studied leadership within a variety of industries and we share our expertise in several ways.
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9. Performance Optimisation
We implement simple, yet effective performance management processes and systems that are easily understood by all. All personnel should know what is expected of them and performance should be measured in both a fair and objective way. We also train supervisors and managers to ensure that they are equipped to draw up performance contracts, set performance targets, measure performance, give feedback and address poor performance through appropriate disciplinary and grievance procedures.
To see an instrument in action: Performance management
Previous successes
  • We have extensive experience in strategy driven goal setting, measurement and purposeful performance discussions around the balanced score card perspectives
  • Part of our experience is the direct management of Managers, Knowledge Workers, service staff and commission earning Personal Financial Planners
  • We have researched the success factors in a high performing branch in a company that specializes in private wealth management. Based on this blue-print for success we have developed management systems and processes for the winning recipe to be implemented in other similar units
10. Personal Development System
In response to the critical shortage of skills, we have developed a unique internet based Personal Development System which is supported by a Virtual Book. The system includes three role players in the development process;
  • The candidate
    • The candidate remains responsible for his own development, but we offer guidance and ensure support from his manager/mentor/coach in the work situation
  • The manager
    • The manager/mentor/coach sponsors the candidate’s development and acts as mentor and coach in the process
  • The facilitator 
    • The facilitator provides templates for drawing up a Personal Development Plan. The facilitator engages all relevant role players in the process and makes use of modern internet based technology to keep track of progress and to hold everybody accountable for their particular role in the development process. The facilitator also guides the candidate through a wealth of structured self development modules. 

Previous successes

We have many years of practical experience in facilitating the development of individuals in a variety of roles. We understand the need for development, but we also realize that the best intentions often fail due to the lack of a plan, work priorities and insufficient support from senior management. The Personal Development System caters for all these needs, it creates opportunities and it ensures on the job training and development.

11. Recruitment
We have processes, techniques and networks to attract a large number of potential candidates should you have a vacancy to fill. Part of the service is to screen applicants and provide Management with a shortlist of suitable candidates. We prefer to play a supporting role in a planned Assessment process.
Previous successes
  • We have been responsible for recruitment and selection in several industries
  • We have been responsible for the recruitment, selection and placement of Artisans and Officials in four gold mines
  • We have done “head hunting” for scarce resources in a highly specialized field
12. Remuneration and Reward
Effective people management requires an appropriate remuneration and reward system to balance employee expectations with market conditions and the financial policies of the organisation. Making use of benchmarking, we assist in the development and regular review of salaries, conditions of employment, commission, benefits and reward systems.
Previous successes
Part of our experience includes remuneration package structuring, annual salary reviews based on industry benchmarks, the development of performance contracts, commission structures and incentive schemes
13. Soft Skills Development
We design and offer short skills development workshops aimed at practical experiential learning.
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See what our clients have to say: Specific Management (Skills) Development Centre
Previous successes
Some of the topics that we have covered in the past include:
  • Self mastery – life skills – living a balanced life
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Leadership styles
  • Integrity and moral intelligence
  • Inter-personal effectiveness
  • Communication skills – listening skills
  • Conflict handling(resolution)
  • Assertiveness
  • Coaching others
  • Giving feedback
  • Valuing diversity
  • Interviewing skills
  • Recruitment and selection
  • Motivation
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Team work
  • Change and transformation
  • Stress management
14. Strategy Planning & Organisation Alignment
We facilitate strategy planning projects and workshops to help management review and refine the direction and performance of the organisation and its Work Units.
See our work in action: Change intervention
Previous successes
  • Our experience includes project management in a large and diversified group where we have worked with international consulting firms like Boston Consulting Group, McKinseys, Added Value Group and Research Surveys. We have gained 5 years practical experience in market research, segmentation, development of value propositions and organisation re-alignment to become more customer-centered. We have also been responsible for the implementation of Customer Relationship Management technology and processes.
15. Talent Management
There is a critical shortage of personnel with the necessary skills. Our talent management solutions are scientifically valid and flexible enough to help Management understand, utilize and manage the organisation’s talent pool in a proactive manner.
Follow some of our thoughts: Talent management
See the reports we generate: Mentee progress report
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Previous successes
  • We help Management to identify critical skills
  • We apply reliable assessment processes to determine existing competencies
  • We facilitate succession planning processes
  • We facilitate focused development initiatives
  • We highlight the shortages of certain skills
16. Team Building 
Effective team work enhances performance, but there are often reasons why a team is not performing as well as it should. Our team effectiveness improvement processes are aimed at both the hard (organisational) and the soft (relationships) systems. By getting the hard system in place, we ensure control through the most appropriate structure and operating model. By getting the soft system in place, we ensure commitment to shared team goals and a supportive working environment. We often apply perception surveys and 360-degree feedbacks in team building interventions. We also realize that teams should have fun together if they want to perform at their best.
Extracts from a team building intervention: Team building
Read what our clients say: Team building
Previous successes
We have facilitated a three-day team effectiveness improvement intervention for the support team of a national distribution company in the paint industry
We have facilitated a team effectiveness intervention for the Human Resources executive team in a very large company in the financial services industry
16. Restructuring and Retrenchment Assistance 
In pursuit of long term sustainable success all organisations embark on some sort of restructuring initiatives and this often leads to re-deployment or retrenchments. In order to enhance the reputation of the employer as a responsible entity and to guide affected employees through times of uncertainty; Pro Talent offers Restructuring and Retrenchment Assistance
17. HR application of the King Code of Corporate Governance 
In September 2009 the third King Report on Corporate Governance was released and the principles are effective from March 2010. It offers clear guidelines and principles for all entities. All organisations, big and small, are encouraged to apply it in their day to day activities. Although a large portion of the report applies to governance and risk management from a financial perspective, there are several strong messages that every HR Director/Manager should pay attention to.
Pro Talent facilitates a process whereby HR Divisions evaluate their current practices against this benchmark and introduce the necessary changes to ensure compliance.
This will enhance the reputation of HR in the Executive Team and give clear direction for the most important focus areas into the future. 
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