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Experience without theory is not learning anything and feedback is crucial to development"
Prof David Day, Lead author on an Integrative Approach to Leader development
Why mentoring and coaching?
Looking into the future, findings from SA organisations in the CPP Global Human Capital Report make out another very strong case to embark on a structured mentoring and coaching programme. The conclusions are that “Many organizations continue to ignore the need for organizational and leadership development. Unfortunately, during the time it takes to transition out the ‘old guard,’ innovative organizations are stealing the younger talent. It is time even the small business became more aware of the successes enjoyed by organizations that recognize the need to ‘grow’ talent and best practices. Identifying (coaching) and mentoring of younger and newer employees by seasoned employees is the key.”
Pro Talent helps organisations to implement mentoring and coaching programmes in a structured way without adding any red tape or paper work. We differentiate between the two functions and offer Training Programmes for Mentors and Coaches so that all stakeholders have a clear understanding of their roles in the process. 
Support Systems
For Line Managers who are responsible for developing people, we have The Coaching Manager as a support system and for Mentors and Mentees we offer a comprehensive support system around the Mentee’s Personal Development Plan as described below. Part of the process is to keep Sponsors informed of the progress and therefore we generate a monthly Mentee Group Progress Tracker. 
Personal Development Plan
Recognising the fact that the Mentees are the most important people in the mentoring process, we empower them with a comprehensive Competency Development System to structure and manage their Personal Development Plans. 
Competency Development System: Structure, Objectives, Measurements, Reporting
Mentors and Mentees each receive practical support for their respective roles. Guided by their mentors, mentees select those competencies and behaviors that they want to develop and structure goal directed development activities. Pro Talent offers templates and evaluates the effectiveness of development activities, giving mentors useful insight for developmental discussions. On a regular basis Pro Talent generates progress reports, tracking the development of each mentee as well as the effectiveness of the mentoring process.
Without goal directed action, structure, measurement and meaningful information, discussions between mentor and mentee can easily collapse into an insignificant “How are you?” chat.
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