Better leadership and talent management energize human capital
Every professional intervention is a fresh breeze in your organisation
Just like every tiny butterfly wing changes the atmosphere, we can make the difference you need
Objective and scientific psychometric assessment of talent offers straight answers to tough questions like; Who to appoint ,Who to promote , Who to move whereto ,How to develop identified talent Forbes Entrepreneurs write that business is ultimately about people and no two are alike.
Leadership Development
The Journal of Contemporary Management reports that there is a huge deficit of efficient middle managers in South Africa In a Corporate Learning Priority Survey conducted by the Henley Business School 67% of 2,500 participating Human Resource Managers listed the development of Middle Managers as their first or second priority! 
Licence To Lead
This practical programme offers everything that a manager of others needs to step up from doing or just managing work to LEADING their teams. Participants get to understand what it takes to be effective in a leadership role and they develop self-insight to THINK like leaders; and they develop competence and confidence to BEHAVE like leaders. 
Competency Development
Competence in the work place is the right application of knowledge, skills, cognitive abilities, personality and motivation. We determine which mix of these psychological attributes is required for success; we assess the candidate’s current level of competence and future potential and we develop the gaps through personalized development interventions.